day 365
what you can find Emily doing whenever she has a spare minute...painting or drawing.
day 364
still had the backdrop set up from mat pictures so I snapped a few photos of my handsome boy
day 363
maternity pictures
day 362
time for breakfast
day 361
playing with toys
day 360
all stocked up with freezer meals for when baby comes
day 359
getting baby's room ready - see the dresser and night table Randal built?
day 358
Christmas at my mom and dad's
day 357
opening presents
day 356
Christmas Eve
day 355
delivering gifts to neighbors and friends
day 354
Randal working on my Christmas present
day 353
visiting Santa at the mall
day 352
Emily's Christmas concert
day 351
mailing our Christmas cards

day 350
Grandma Cooper stopped by for a visit

day 349
getting our Christmas cards ready to mail



day 347
A Christmas tradition we started last year that the children love (thanks to my friend Melissa for the wonderful idea.)

day 346
All dressed up for church.

day 345
Today for the Christmas countdown activity: play with red and green play doh.

day 344
Another craft day. We made these cute snowmen and they were a lot of fun!

day 343
Writing her letter to Santa.

day 342
Decorating his box car.

day 341
At the ward Christmas party.

day 340
I didn't get a single photo of Emily on stage at her ballet recital dangit! I did get video though. I have this shot of Addie enjoying the performance...once it had started she sat like this the entire time.

day 339
What do you do when you're snowed in?

day 338
We needed much more than a shovel to get all that snow moved! Thank goodness for good friends.

day 337
Trying to dig our way out of the driveway. It was no use.

day 336
Baking Christmas cookies.

day 335
Putting together some little gifts for the kids friends.

day 334
Our Christmas countdown.



day 333
Today we put up the Christmas tree for Family Home Evening.

day 331
It was a day to play outside in the snow and then come inside for hot chocolate.

day 330
Had a super fun craft day searching for textures and making collages out of our rubbings. Found the idea here.

day 329
Getting dinner ready.

day 328
I'm so glad she sat there long enough with that book for me to sneak up on her and catch this shot! I love it!

day 327
Took pictures of Randal's Grandma today who just celebrated her 85th birthday.

day 326
Spent the day unpacking from our trip, hiding Christmas gifts and catching up on laundry.

day 325
Carson got to stay at his favorite cousin Kade's house while we were away and we swung by the church in Cardston on the way home to pick him up.

day 324
Randal and I were able to sneak away for a weekend to Kalispel to try and get all of our Christmas shopping done and we ALMOST got it all finished! YAY! It was such a fun weekend together and we're now planning to make it a yearly tradition.