day 48
YAY! Feeling better today. Knock on wood.

day 47
Lots and lots of this lately - and I don't mind one bit.

day 46
Emily working on her latest masterpiece.

day 45
Flowers for me.

day 44
We spent the weekend (and when I say we I mostly mean me and Emily) watching ALL of the Anne of Greene Gables movies.

day 43
Some books I've been reading/have read over the past few weeks.

day 42
Carson surveying his loot after valentines day at preschool.

day 41
Went to Calgary for Dr's appointment. Not fun. Got to go to Ikea. Fun.


day 40
curled up on the couch watching Wall-E, I sure hope today will be the end of the sickies

day 39
The whole family had fun yesterday making sugar cookies. I always dread making them, they're so much work, so we are breaking things up a bit. We made the cookies sunday and are icing them tonight for FHE. I'll pop them in the freezer and they'll be fresh for valentines day. Trying to get a bunch of stuff done early because this week is going to be crazy for us.

day 38
getting a headstart on valentines

day 37
this girl's silliness is just what we need around here some days. she is seriously a riot!

day 36
paying bills

day 35
The tooth fairy came...again. The tooth fairy is going to go broke at the rate this girl is losing teeth I tell ya.


Quick question for anyone out there who might be able to help...for some reason I didn't have my blog set properly to archive all my old post, is there any way fix this now? I tried fooling around with it the other day and all I was able to get is an ARCHIVES header on the sidebar, but no actual archives.

Any suggestions?


day 34
went grocery shopping. came home with this...among other things. plan on eating it while I watch american idol tonight. sharing is not in the plan.


day 33
editing pictures tonight. hoping to get to bed early.

day 32
totally missed taking a picture today so I'm using this one of Carson and his new haircut from the 28th

day 31
reorganizing the kitchen

day 30
yummy saigonese food. a night with no kids. 10th Anniversary. blurry picture.

day 29
off to school in the morning

day 28
no school = swim time

day 27
Addie doing her thing (getting into anything and everything!) and her first time wearing piggies in her hair

day 26
laundry day

day 25
somebody found an oreo.

day 24
first job in the morning after getting Emily out the door: clean up the mess from breakfast. Today wasn't too bad.