Quick question for anyone out there who might be able to help...for some reason I didn't have my blog set properly to archive all my old post, is there any way fix this now? I tried fooling around with it the other day and all I was able to get is an ARCHIVES header on the sidebar, but no actual archives.

Any suggestions?


Claire said...

We only see the word archive, i don't if it's good but in my blog the first post i had something under archive.
Good luck for your sick boy.

Claire said...

Do you activate the archive in the parameters of your blog? There is an option month daily or not.
I hope you'll understand what i want to say.

Jamie said...

Sorry for all the confusion!!

I think there is an option under Settings where you can archive things daily.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Might want to try and remove it and then reinstall it and see if that helps.

Does it give you a preview of what your archives will look like?