day 23
bought at grocery store today: 1 jug of milk and 1 box of Mr. Clean magic erasers

day 22
everyone needs at least one picture of themselves in a hairnet for posterity I think.

day 21
eating breakfast. crazy hair day at school. counters are filthy, just pretend you don't notice!

day 20

two pictures today. why? because I'm actually in one of them and that doesn't happen very often and Addie's reaction to her first time touching snow was just WAY too priceless to not include it. Can you just hear her squeels of delight?


day 19
just playin with lego

day 18
i think its cute how she drinks out of a straw. uh, what's with the cup?? well, we ran out of clean ones so we had to improvise.

day 17
saturdays project: organize the storage room.

day 16
watching the kids play outside in the snow

day 15
baby girl is teething and it seems like she's always at my feet (usually crying) these days wanting to be held. poor thing. she's seriously getting all her molars at once. :(


day 14
my big helper loves to vacuum. funny to remember how he was absolutely terrified of the vacuum when he was a baby.

day 13
today we played in the snow. we went to the library. Emily lost another tooth.

day 12
learning to print his name. helping me make zucchini bread.


day 11

can't believe we finally hung some pictures up only a year after we moved in. also can't believe what a great angle i was able get for this shot to hide all our messy mess. You'd never even know there was almost a whole roll of paper towel unravelled all over the table or that the entire contents of the toy basket is all over the living room floor, would ya??

day 10
building a snow fort in the backyard with dad


day 9
emily painting, addie checking emails


day 8
supper time in my super dark house at ISO 2500 on my new Canon 5D Mk II!!! EEEEEEEK!

day 7
the kind of stuff she does all day. when she isn't busy coloring on my walls that is.

day 6
playing with new Christmas toys

day 5
carson playing in the snow...for what ended up being less time than it took to get dressed up in all the snow gear.

day 4
Addie's favorite toy. Well, its a tie between this and the dishwasher.

day 3
I had to use some super covert photographing skills to get this shot. I'm fairly certain that of all the husbands out there mine hates getting his picture taken the most.

day 2
all bundled up

day 1
reading books before bed