day 100
Where did my baby go? She's 18 months old today and I can hardly believe it. :(

day 99
We picked up Emily from school today at lunch and went for a picnic at the park.

day 98
This spring weather is heaven!

day 97
It's finally warm enough to play outside!!! Yippee!! It's hard to say who's more excited about it, me or the kids?? Just hoping it sticks around.

day 96
Dying Easter eggs.

day 95
All set for conference.

day 93
Addie and her 'bee-bee'

day 92
Emily took this shot and though its a little wonky I love it. Just playing on the floor in the living room while dinner cooks, kids all over me, Addie running around in just a diaper, my hair in a pony tail, books and toys on the floor. Just a typical, everyday-at-the-cooper-house kind of photo.

day 91
Pink Grapefruit. My favorite thing for breakfast lately.

day 90
Drinking lots of water.

day 89
Writing letters to Aunt Ashley for Family Home Evening.

day 88
All ready for church in their Easter dresses. Can't say I've ever bought Easter dresses for either of the girls before and I'll admit it was fun to dress them up all matchy-matchy.

day 87
Play time.

day 86
Movie night. I can't remember what we were watching - I think it was Barbie Presents: Thumbelina. I know. I know. Poor Carson. But don't worry us girls have sat through our fair share of Hotwheels/Power Ranger movies to keep things even.

day 85
Addie and da-da.

day 84
We've been getting out some of Emily's outgrown toys and the stroller and the little people dollhouse are Addie's most favorite.

day 83
She loves playing with Emily's baby stroller and has a thing with that housecoat.

day 82
We tried this new recipe for cookies and it was so yummy! We used craisins because that's all we had at home. Her picture is WAY cuter than mine. :)

day 80
The Story: He begged (and begged and begged I'm sure) his cousin for a ride on his mini motorbike and forgot to put on a helmet. They crashed. He ran into the house bleeding and screaming and how can you not pick up your crying baby?? I disobeyed Dr's orders...sorry mom. I carried Bub to the bathroom, cleaned him up and called Grandpa who came back and drove us all to the hospital (Randal was out of town on a course.) To say it wasn't fun would be a gross understatement. I wasn't feeling so hot 4 days post surgery and on Tylenol 3's and the 4 stitches did NOT go over well with Carson at all. BUT...it's healing up well, hopefully the missing patch in his eyebrow grows back?? One thing I know I'll never have to worry about again though is him not putting a bike helmet on. He's been very vigilent about it ever since he "got his owies." Photo taken after he got his stiches out. Looking SO much better than before.

day 79
We were all so glad to have Grandma and Grandpa here for a few days.

day 78
Trying to get lots of rest amongst all the silliness around this house. ;)

day 75
Filled up the van with gas. Headed to Calgary for surgery.

day 73
Went to the Temple today.

day 72

Playing cars in the kitchen sink. What? You don't do that too? Carson thinks its the funnest thing ever and Addie, well, she just wants to do EVERYTHING that the big kids do these days.

day 71
One of my favorites of all the bedtime duties: snuggling up with baby girl and singing to her while she drinks her 'ba-ba.' Photo by Emily.

day 70
We baked cookies for an afterschool snack and while we waited for them to bake I thought I'd quickly fold some laundry. When I came back in the kitchen this is what I found. Carson had pushed Addie all the way over from the table and gotten himself a stool so they could watch the cookies baking together.