day 80
The Story: He begged (and begged and begged I'm sure) his cousin for a ride on his mini motorbike and forgot to put on a helmet. They crashed. He ran into the house bleeding and screaming and how can you not pick up your crying baby?? I disobeyed Dr's orders...sorry mom. I carried Bub to the bathroom, cleaned him up and called Grandpa who came back and drove us all to the hospital (Randal was out of town on a course.) To say it wasn't fun would be a gross understatement. I wasn't feeling so hot 4 days post surgery and on Tylenol 3's and the 4 stitches did NOT go over well with Carson at all. BUT...it's healing up well, hopefully the missing patch in his eyebrow grows back?? One thing I know I'll never have to worry about again though is him not putting a bike helmet on. He's been very vigilent about it ever since he "got his owies." Photo taken after he got his stiches out. Looking SO much better than before.

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