day 57
naptime. the hairdo (or lack of) is pretty typical of this time of day. she can only keep those pigtails in for so long you know. and that would be why, unless we're actually leaving the house (and sometimes even if we are) we just like to go o-naturelle. there's far too many things to stress about in life and keeping lou-lou's hair perfectly groomed 24-7 is definately not one of them. don't let the pretty pics I have of the girls fool ya...when I actually take the time to do their hair cute you better believe I'm gonna take pictures to prove that I do it once in a while. ;)


Sarah C said...

That crib set has to be the cutest one I have seen in a long time! Where did you get it... it is darling. So is the little girl sleeping in it ;)

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I've gotta tell ya- that makes me feel SO much better!
(I love this idea - you're going to look back and be so grateful that you did this.)