day 258
I love this photo of Emily at Ballet class. Pay no mind to the bun, I need some serious lessons on how get her hair to actually stay in one. We're more the messy bun type.


The Coopers said...

LOVE this photo, seriously so classic, you need this one enlarged in her room!!!

and i cant wait to make all these yummy muffin recipes, we LOVE mufins at our house too.. maybe you'll have to just show me how delicious they are when we stay at your place this weekend..hahah!!!

lauralquinton said...

I go here http://babesinhairland.blogspot.com
for all of my hair ideas. They have a messy bun that I just LOVE. I do it on my own hair all the time!

marie said...

hello, i really like the color of this pictures. How did you do it ? thanks

christie said...

I love, love love this photo! When my daughter was in ballet I finally told the teacher she should give a bun class! She gave me the secrat - special large V-shaped bobby pins. Ask at the beauty supply store! Hard to explain but you go through the bun up and then push them in down to hold the bun in place. They were my lifesavers! Good luck. : )